Simple Makeup Steps and Guide for a Natural Looks


Day makeup should be natural to highlight all our beauty without great artifice. There are women who prefer to go with a washed face, while others feel more comfortable when they do a little makeup. 

However, nobody wants to waste too much time in front of the mirror every morning.

To go to work, to meet friends, to spend a morning in the park with our children, a day makeup should be natural, so that it contrasts with the makeup we use on special occasions.

But when putting on makeup during the day, you also have to take into account the time we dedicate and the difficulty of your strokes. 

The last thing we want every morning is to have a more headache or have to get up sooner. Therefore, the perfect day makeup is simple and quickly applied.

However, we also want to hide the small imperfections of the skin and highlight its best virtues. Therefore, we must find the midpoint between a totally artificial image and a non-existent makeup.

we must focus on preparing the skin well. If we look for natural and simple makeup with which we can go to work every day.

Hence, the first step so that any makeup looks good is to subject your skin to a good cleaning to remove excess oil from the skin and dirt that you have accumulated so far.

So this is a very quick, easy and also affordable makeup ideas or guides for people who would like to do light makeup. 

It is very helpful for people who are beginning to do makeup so it is a very simple day to day makeup at home. 

The idea of ​​this step by step makeup is that it should not take you more than 5 minutes. Once you master the technique, it can even be done in less.

Simple Makeup

Simple Makeup Guide for Beginners


1. BB or CC cream 

BB or CC cream

First of all, apply a BB or CC cream all over your face using any brush or sponge. You just gonna blend this all in well. 

They are lighter than a base and give you sun protection. It keeps your skin fresh and matte all day and doesn't even clog your pores.

You may try those of Lakmé 9 to 5 Complexion Care Face Cream, Pond's White Beauty BB+Fairness Cream, Maybelline New York BB Cream Natural, Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale CC Cream, L'Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream and Fair & Lovely BB Cream.

2. Concealer


For those of us who have dark circles, pigmentation, and blemishes, concealers are your hero product.

Starts with your under eyes, just make a triangle and gently dab it in using your fingers.

Apart from being a magical blemish banisher, use it to define my brows by simply outlining the shape and blending it well. 

If you don't need a lot of coverage, you can use your concealer after you apply your foundation. Now always keep in mind to pick a concealer shade that's closest to your skin tone.

Cream-based concealers give more coverage, whereas liquid concealers are lightweight and easy to blend. 

I prefer concealers that come with a sharp precision brush like the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer or the ones that come with a wand, like the Maybelline New York Fit Me concealer. It helps to spot conceal better.

You can go in for a lighter shade as well as help to brighten the under-eye area. But if they're too intense, then this isn't the best idea.

3. Foundation


If you feel like applying foundation you may go for it or else you may skip these steps.

So try and go easy when you apply your foundation by taking a small amount first and then building upon it if needed.

Take a pea-size amount on the back of your hand, let your body heat warm it up a bit and then go ahead and apply it with your fingers or a brush.

Dab the foundation on the center of your face in small dots, then stroke your brush outwards in a downward motion gently to blend the product well.

4. Compact powder

Compact powder
Set your base with a compact powder and finish off your looks.

I prefer using the Maybelline compact, the powder is fine and blends easily without any harsh effects on the face and also gives a matte effect and thus it is ideal for oily skin.

Make sure that you powder the T-zone area really well since it gets very oily during the day. Whereas the rest of the face, you may just dust some powder very lightly.

5. Powder or an eyebrow pencil

Powder or an eyebrow pencil

Brush your eyebrows and fill them with powder or an eyebrow pencil. This really helps to highlight the look. 

Tip: Do not use a very dark tone to prevent it from looking very dramatic.

6. Eyeliner


you may use colossal Kajal super black. If you want to make a cat's eye or "cateye", remember to do first at the end of the line and then fill in the rest. 

7. Mascara


I prefer the Body Shop Super Volume Mascara as it lengthens the lashes and stays without flaking or without running down so it's really good for long-lasting makeup. 

8. Blush


For your cheek apply cheeky glow blush by Maybelline that looks super natural or use a cheek tint to get that naturally flushed look.

Apply it with a base brush, make a pout and apply it at the highest point of your cheeks. 

9. Lip color

Lip color

Finally, start off by defining your lips with a lip pencil make an X on your Cupid's bow and then outline the entire lip and now fill it in with your choice of natural pink lip color or just go for a tinted lip balm or lip gloss or just a little more subtle color.

That is all! You will look beautiful and feel prepared to face anything that comes your way.

SIMPLE MAKEUP TIPS: 10 Simple Makeup ideas Perfect for the Office

If You want the simple makeup to look natural, younger and perfect for the office, check ideas and step by step to achieve that casual look.

If you get to the extremes when it comes to putting on makeup to go to the office, and you go as if you had a washed face or as if you were going out of the club.

So, here are some ideas of simple makeup with which you will look really perfect without exaggeration.

10 Simple Makeup ideas Perfect for the Office

1. Use eyeliner.

Learn to outline your cat-eye eyes to go to the office, this way you will look instantly fixed and much more awake in less than 5 minutes.

2. Eyes shadow

Apply a little shadow to more glam. You can add some shadows before your eyeliner so your eyes shine brighter.

3. Pink lips but with volume

Pink lips are ideal for going to the office. They will give you a natural look without looking careless. Hydrated lips are noticeable.

I recommend delineating with a darker shade and in the center, putting a lighter shade.

4. Brown and pink shadows

Brown or earth tones will always give your face a more natural look. You can apply light shadows that only give your eyelid depth.

5. Enhance your look with gold

If you have tired eyes and lack of brightness to your eyes, add light shadows and on them a little golden or illuminating. This look looks better with eyeliner.

6. Tan

The key is not to abuse the golden color to go to the office, so if you can, wear a tan tone in pink, or some illuminated to highlight your eyelids Combine with pink lips.

7. Intense lips

If you have an event in the office and you are looking for a more intense look, I recommend you wear burgundy red lips and brown shades, adding a darker shade in the eye socket.

This look will make you look much safer and a strong personality.

8. Red lips, but light shadows

Now, if you want to wear that red lipstick that makes you stand out, you need to balance your look.

Combine with light shadows and bronzer instead of pink blush for a sexy but discreet look.

9. Conquer the contour technique without abusing it

Especially if you have brown skin. Only apply a little illuminator followed by contour on your cheekbones.

Finish with a bronzer and you will have a perfectly well-shaped face.

10. Pale lighter skin, use pink tones

If you have a lighter skin tone, opt for more pink tones when you put on makeup. Apply base, then bronzer and on your cheekbones your blush in peach tone.

Simple Makeup Guide for Beginners

Simple Makeup look Guide for Beginners

  • The daily makeup ritual goes well beyond getting up in the morning and, when leaving the shower, apply the makeup base in any way. Use a tonic, gel, neutral soap or lotion that suits your skin type.
  • Apply it with clean hands or use a cotton pad to clean your entire face and rinse it well with plenty of water.
  • The base is not mandatory in a day makeup, but there are women who prefer to throw it away to hide skin imperfections.
  • Find a base of a color very similar to your skin so that when extending it is not too obvious.
  •  You should try to cover all skin imperfections without obviously changing the tone of your face.
  • Always apply brush makeup to save on products and ensure greater coverage throughout the day.
  • Spread in circular movements with a skunk type brush, without pressing towards the face or if, on the contrary, you want a more covering makeup use a flat brush to extend it as if you were painting.
  • The most essential part of the makeup routine, which is the foundation. They come in various textures like mousse, liquid or powder to name a few. But, it's not that complicated.
  • If you fall into the dry skin category, you can mix a little bit of moisturizer with your foundation which will hydrate your skin. If you have oily to combination skin, then go for a liquid foundation.
  • Also, liquid foundations provide more coverage whereas mousse foundations provide sheer coverage.
  • 'How to find the right foundations for your skin tone?' Just swatch a few shades from your cheek to your jawline and the one that looks closest to your skin tone is the one that will work best for you.
  • First Put on a thin layer and make sure you don't leave spots. To avoid the masking effect, put a little foundation on the neck and blur well under the jaw.
  • Although what we are looking for is that day makeup be fast and natural, there are two products that cannot be missing: the concealer and the illuminator.
  • Its use is easy, but its results are very effective. With a few small strokes, those imperfections that horrify you when you look in the mirror every morning will disappear.
  • To increase this effect of depth on the face, you can throw a little blush of very soft color in the area of ​​the cheekbones.
  • Concealer kits also usually include one in orange or salmon that will serve as anti-dark circles.
  • The yellow concealer will also serve you for this purpose. By having this hue, it helps you balance the violet or blue areas of the skin.
  • The green concealer will help you hide the redness of your face and pimples. You should be careful not to miss out on the account or the result could be too unnatural.
  • On the other hand, the lilac or violet concealer is perfect for concealing the yellowish tones of the skin.
  • Pinkish or completely skin correctors will also help you hide small skin problems. Take advantage of those that are darker to give your face more depth.
  • Apply it well blurred on the upper part of the forehead, on the cheekbones, on the jaw and on the sides of the nose to sharpen the features of your face.
  • Finish your base coat with translucent powders to fix the makeup well and last longer intact. In addition, this step will help you disguise the unsightly glare on the forehead and chin.