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what are the benefits of drinking green tea?

benefits of drinking green tea

It is one of the most popular and oldest drinks in the world. In fact, half of the world's population consumes tea in its various forms and varieties.

Black, green, white, or Oolong type tea, whatever your favorite, the truth is that consuming a cup of this concoction has multiple benefits for our body because it contains antioxidants, reduces stress and lowers hypertension levels, among others.

Drinking hot tea on a cold day can be more than comforting and brings a number of benefits, you just have to discover them!

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7 Benefits of drinking green tea


The tea contains antioxidants that can help slow the aging process, regenerate and repair cells.

Many studies suggest that antioxidants also help our bodies prevent cancer.

They also help prevent diabetes. There is some evidence to suggest that green tea may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Immune system

It helps to strengthen the immune system since its content in flavonoids and vitamin H assist the proper functioning of the body's defenses and prevent cell damage. Black tea can reduce the effects of stress.

An Egyptian study on the effects of green tea on antibiotics says that tea serves to increase the effects of drugs to kill bacteria.

A study comparing the levels of immune activity of coffee drinkers versus tea drinkers found the latter have immune levels up to five times higher.

Reduces cardiovascular accidents

Drinking tea prevents dangerous blood clots from forming that are often the cause of strokes and heart attacks. It also helps lower blood pressure.

Drinking it every day helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Drinking two to three cups of tea a day reduces the risk of a heart attack by seventy

Fights cavities

Believe it or not, drinking tea even reduces bacterial plaque, because the compounds in tea are able to reduce acid from cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

The tannins present in the tea provide natural fluorine and protect the tooth enamel from the effects of bacterial plaque on the teeth.

The supply of antioxidants prevents halitosis, especially if you opt for a herbal tea without sugar.

Keeps you hydrated

Drinking tea always keeps you hydrated.

Every cup of tea you drink, especially varieties that have little or no caffeine.

In addition, it helps in the digestion of the body, because tea has been used for thousands of years as a digestive after meals.

Another of its benefits helps alleviate stomach cramps.

No calories

If you want to take care of your diet and not gain weight, the ideal is to have a cup of tea without sugar or milk. It helps in reducing temporary fat.

The antioxidants especially present in green tea are natural fat blockers, especially of abdominal fat, and prevent their absorption.

Cognitive benefit

Green tea in particular has a type of antioxidants that stimulates the proper functioning of memory and protects the brain from the development of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Neccesary tips on drinking green tea:

Regarding how much green tea to drink each day, it is usually advised not to exceed 3 or 4 cups a day.

However, there are those who argue that they can drink even more, so as to take full advantage of all the benefits of green tea.

If you do not fall into the cases in which it is better to avoid it then.

you can drink it without too many restrictions, keeping in mind not to drink it from late afternoon and evening to avoid insomnia and that green tea is less rich in caffeine than black tea .

In addition, it is always good to choose high quality green tea , possibly in leaves and organic.

There are also capsules or tablets of dry extract on the market.

Green tea powder is also used in the kitchen for making sweets.

In fact, cakes or green tea ice cream are famous.

If you are taking medicines, you should stop taking tea or wait several hours before drinking it.

In hypersensitive subjects, excessive use of green tea can create agitation and nervousness: in this case it is recommended to suspend or decrease the intake of tea.

Insomnia sufferers are advised not to drink tea before bedtime, or to drink white tea, which is "lighter" than other varieties.

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Best benefits of Green tea, Here are ten essential rules to follow:

Between tea bags and loose tea you always prefer the latter. The reason is simple: the leaves have been less worked and therefore have a greater quantity of the precious white shoots.

As for the type of tea, the best, in terms of health effects, is green. The other qualities are black, red, yellow and white.

The recommended dose for maximum benefits is three cups a day. Start in the morning, possibly on an empty stomach: the effectiveness is greater.

The water to put the tea in must not completely boil, as when you throw the paste away, but be very hot.

At excessive temperatures the tea becomes more bitter and some antioxidants degrade.

The tea must remain in infusion between 2 and a half minutes and 3 minutes. Besides it is useless and you risk changing its flavor.

Do not use sugar to sweeten the cup. Better the honey is more natural and without contraindications.

Woe to smoking after a cup of tea. Burn all the benefits of drinking.

Teach children to drink tea from an early age. Then they will get used to it.

Also in the office, as at home, use your own kettle.

Homemade tea is certainly better than the one bought at the bar, usually cheap.

Tea is an excellent drink even after dinner. Perfect for replacing harmful spirits .