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How to clean face in summer

Summer has finally arrived, so let's see how it is possible to treat the skin of our face in an adequate and conscious way, starting first of all from what could be the critical issues of the summer season.

The high temperatures and the consequent excessive sweating, the increased exposure to the sun and wind, and consequent polluting factors, such as dust and smog, are all factors that put the health of our skin at risk.

A certain rather deep-rooted prejudice is that in summer it is better not to peel or clean the face, many think that in addition to eliminating the tan, they can leave signs that, with exposure to the sun, evolve into permanent spots.

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However, this is not exactly the case:

Deep cleansing of the face is strongly recommended even in the height of summer, and there is no risk for marks and spots, as long as you rely on professionals and use the right products for our skin.

Deep cleansing of the face does not remove the tan, but gently removes the most superficial layer of dry and dehydrated skin, especially when we are talking about non-young skin.

Eliminates the appearance of excessive dryness and dehydration, restoring brightness and freshness and thus making the skin appear clearer as soon as work is done.

Already one hour after the treatment, the skin will appear more beautiful and luminous, especially losing the negative aspects deriving from excessive exposure to the sun or laziness in treating it.

It is important to remember that in summer, it is true, you can simplify the so-called daily routine, but you cannot absolutely abandon face care such as periodic cleaning and skincare in general, because all this will lead to small and annoying imperfections. which we will deal with when we return from holidays or at the end of the summer.

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The imperfections that could be dealt with at the end of the summer period are:

Excessive dryness of the skin with loss of elasticity and freshness,

Appearance of small wrinkles 

Appearance of unsightly spots.

The paradox is that very high protections are used to prevent stains, forgetting or ignoring that having clean skin is already an excellent prevention for the formation of stains.

When the skin is not cleaned regularly, smog, dust, fat secreted by the skin itself, sweating and all external polluting factors favor oxidative processes and the formation of spots, especially with exposure to the sun. 

So if you want to prevent and improve blemishes, it is absolutely important to keep the skin clean in all seasons, but even more so in summer.

Uses of Sunscreens:

The use of sunscreens is very important, but letting the skin color for 10 minutes will not cause any damage and at the same time our body will benefit from the synthesis of vitamin D.

The WHO recommends the use of at least a protection 15 to protect the skin, and at the same time advises to let the skin and the body also benefit from the positive aspects of sun exposure, which promotes skin tropism and synthesis. of vitamin D.

If you expose yourself to the sun it will certainly be good to avoid burns that can damage the skin, however, a high protection is recommended in the first exposures and then you can switch to medium protection.

The so-called total protections are often used with the belief that in this way stains are avoided and, if they already exist, they do not get worse.

However, they do not represent a guarantee in this sense, because it is necessary to take into account the frequency at which the solar rays travel. and their ability to overcome the skin surface, inhibiting the tanning that occurs at the epidermal level (UVA rays), but also stimulating the process of formation of spots that originates at a deeper level (UVB rays).

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How to care for your face in the summer:

Having made these clarifications on the spots, let's see how it is possible to treat the face in the summer, in a simple and effective way.

Doing a deep facial cleansing, if you've never done it before, is the time to start.

Use moisturizers, especially in case of profuse sweating on the face.

High sun protection (UVA, UVB) for the first exposures and then switch to medium protection.

Drink at least 2 liters of water to balance the dehydration following sweating.

Avoid waxing immediately before sun exposure.

Use anti-wrinkle creams with both protective and lightening functions on existing stains.

Avoid scrubs or peels immediately before or after sun exposure, the same goes for products with a high concentration of glycolic acids or fruit acids. 

They are important treatments, but it is good to do them at the right time.

By respecting these tips, your skin will be brighter and more golden even after returning from holidays or at the end of summer.

If you do not have patience, it is possible to restore freshness and brightness to your skin, even with some additional treatments aimed at the problem, an aesthetic medical center, after a thorough visit, will be able to suggest the most suitable ones, such as radiofrequency, laser or peeling treatments.